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The owner of Smallwood Photography!

I’ve always known I needed a creative job, where I could express myself and make others feel amazing about themselves at the same time. Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I wasn’t always people centered. From 5th grade, my family
moved all around the country for my dad’s job. I’ve visited all 50 states, and I absolutely loved taking landscape portraits.

I met my husband, Caden, and we married each other the summer after we graduated. We moved down to College Station in 2020. Things were great but something was definitely missing.

We got pregnant with our first baby 6 months after moving.

Once I had Ford, I struggled with postpartum depression and had no drive to do anything really. Then when he was about 6 months old, I decided to start up Smallwood Photography. I invested in an online course (Amy & Jordan Education) and when I say that changed everything, I MEAN IT.

My skill level has increased significantly since then and I am constantly improving! My favorite thing is after a session, I’ll be culling through the images taken and look at the gallery thinking,

At first, I didn’t want to do weddings at all. But then a friend reached out to me to second shoot a wedding and I agreed

(for the experience). I FELL IN LOVE.

I definitely have the wedding bug now and if I could physically do a wedding every single day I would gladly do it. There’s just something about the joy, excitement, and genuine love that I cannot get enough of! I absolutely love doing little detail shots of
all the beautiful decorations that the couple put so much thought into. I want my
couples to look back on the photos and be reminded of every detail, big and small,
that made their special day perfect.

My goal is to photograph a wedding in every state!

Weddings are not the only photography passion I have. I absolutely adore doing
newborn’s photos. Those photos are so special. I also love doing maternity and
family photos. Meeting new people/couples is the best. I want to make everyone feel
beautiful in their own skin.

I also have the privilege of being an Aggie Senior
Photographer! Running around the Texas A&M Campus with some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet!

Please allow me to capture your special, fun, exciting moments that will last a
lifetime! Photography is more than a three-second smile and click. To me, it is about

what is behind the smile, and the reason for laughter. I would love to freeze-frame
the times that make your life special. I hope you will choose Smallwood Photography
because it is my goal to provide the best of the best in pictures. I look forward to

meeting you!

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